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About this site:
“news.skblockchain.io” was created as an extension of SK Blockchain (SKBC) to provide news and blogs for our clients and other viewers. Please feel free to send us an email regarding the site, it’s content or for other matters. Please note that contents of this site may contain information from third parties for which we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

We support companies with solid fundamentals.

Since the beginning of the US OTC Stock Market, our core members of SKBC have been funding corporations through Initial Public Offerings, Reverse Mergers and Reg. D 501 Private Placements. For almost 30 years, creating value for our clients has always been our focus. Through creative promotions and market support, we have been recognized as one of the top Investor Relations professionals in the industry.

We do our own due diligence with expert analysis. We are fully dedicated in minimizing risks and maximizing ROI for our investors.